Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hey Girl, listen to these sonic vibrations

First of all, everyone needs to watch Drive. If not because it's an amazing film, then because Ryan Gosling is in it and we all know we'd happily watch him watching paint dry, given the opportunity. Preferably shirtless. Added bonus is the synth-tastic soundtrack, reminiscent of Blade Runner's. Most of the actual album is filled with a whole lot of eerie notes that could have been made by someone leaning on the keyboard and not realising, but there's some good'ns in there too.

I suggest you acquire it legally, or illegally like I did and enjoy while perusing the myriad of "Hey Girl" tumblrs and Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than A Puppy?

Update on me that doesn't involve wasting time on the internet: I can feel my brain cells committing suicide out of boredom during my work week, but I still enjoy the pay check and the freedom of being able to buy things because I can and not convince myself I don't need it because I'm saving for something or rather. The contract has been extended to the end of January and possibly to the end of March which is somewhat terrifying. Although, I listen to Harry Potter audio books in the car so I almost look forward to going to work now. It's just a whole lot harder to get out once I park. I worked the Tuesday of that mad storm; it was complete chaos and by late afternoon we wanted to join the hysterically crying babies after all the abuse we had to deal with. I'm going to apply for a writing internship/exchange thing in Europe for next year and I finally bought an iPhone. Perth still frustrates me, I don't like the way it makes me super lazy and lame - I still want to live somewhere else. I haven't got around to doing any more exercise than that time I chased the dog around the table for fifteen minutes. 

Please, Santa?

Bintang AND Ed Hardy?! 
Straight to the top of my wishlist.