Wednesday, May 28, 2014

7 books I am currently reading/on my immediate 'to read' list

Destroying the Joint: Why Women Have to Change the World
Julia Gillard said a society needs the political participation of women to reach full potential and Alan Jones responded by saying "women are destroying the joint." So this book is a collection of female politicians, journalists, writers, comedians etc responding to Alan Jones and reclaiming the phrase "destroy the joint". Its really interesting but very same, same so I need breaks in between each essay. My book mark is post it note that Ella bought be in Japan, depicting a pig lying on his side watching telly.

Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck
I haven't read it and decided I probably should. Benjamin Law recently tweeted about it and I went on an unsuccessful hunt for it among our bookshelves. Mum bought it for me for my birthday last week.

Freakonomics - Steven D Levitt & Stephen J Dubner
I watched the documentary version of this on SBS over the Easter weekend and loved it. Its full of all these really fascinating examples of applying economic strategies to everything except the economy. Such as the effect of giving your kids unique spelling names on their professional life and the effect of legalising abortion on crime rates. I didn't realise the documentary pretty much summed up the whole book with lots of fun and easy to understand animations and graphs. So I have effectively already read it.

The Man with the Beautiful Voice And more stories from the other side of the couch - Dr Lillian B Rubin
Erin gave me this for my birthday. Our Tuesday evenings at Pica usually end up discussing psychology and therapy and studying so its a pretty rad gift. It reminds me of that HBO show In Treatment. I really enjoy that the author writes about her experiences when she first began counselling and talks about how nervous and inexperienced the felt. The fear of being in that situation is one of the things that made me stop pursuing psych as a career. My book mark is my staff pass from Fringe.

Tracks - Robyn Davidson
I just watched the movie with Mum. Mia Wasikowska is Robyn and Adam Driver is Rick. Tracks is a true story about a young woman who walks across Australia with camels and her dog in the seventies, Rick is the National Geographic photographer hired to meet her at various points along the way. Its amazing. Mum came home from work yesterday and gave the book to me.

Dirt Music - Tim Winton
I read this when it first came out and I was way to young to understand the beauty of Winton's writing and I'm sure the entire plot probably went over my head, so lately I've been feeling like I should read it again. Then we got another dog and named her Georgie, after the main character so now I have to read it again. Her foster Mum had called her Maggie, after a prostitute in a Bryce Courtney novel so obvz we had to rename her something more appropriate for our tastes.

How To Be A Woman - Caitlin Moran
I read this book cover to cover when I was travelling from Barcelona to Forence on the train. Its part autobiography and part suggestions of how to be a modern feminist. She's a wonderfully intelligent and funny writer. I decided to read it again while not sleep deprived or consistently being interrupted having to change trains and show my ticket. When I dyed a strip of my hair blonde, I wanted it to be like hers. Because if I have her hair I will be her, right? Instead it just went tacky, scenester circa 2003. For a long time I thought she was married to Dylan Moran. She isn't. The bookmark is made from elephant poo; Jessie bought it for me in India.

All these books and I'm just sitting here watching Jonathan Creek.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Today was a good day

It started with me successfully selling my fifteen year old Yamaha keyboard for a cool $90. I was worried the woman buying it would notice that the power pack I have is not the one it came with and she would offer less money; it is in fact from Japan and I was very kindly and slyly throwing in the adapter for free. But I managed to stand in front of the cord the whole time and when I took it to the car for her, I made sure to roll it up and turn the adaptor away from her. Ha! But it was super easy and she seem to do most of the selling for me, anyway.

Then I went to Karrinyup. One of my errands was to buy my first ever bottle of foundation because I have noticed this seems to be something that real adults wear. Despite Mum insisting I buy the $70 YSL foundation, I went with Revlon for half the price because I'm pretty certain I'll pretend to be a real adult for a bit, realise its awful and go back to being the usual rat bag I am, still wearing last night's mascara.

Oh side note, I was also looking for a leather jacket at the shops. I've decided I want one and so Steph gave me money for my birthday and Mum said she'll pay any difference, so I'm willing to pay a decent amount for a real leather one but I haven't seen many/any that I like. The only nice one's I've seen are online on The Iconic and Asos, but I'd like to try them on. Any suggestions for other places to look?

I also went op shopping which is has been scientifically proven to be good for the soul.

I came home and watched Louie while I waxed my legs. For some reason I can't wax my legs unless I'm watching something because I get distracted and don't do it. But if I can watch something light hearted, for some reason it keeps me focussed on ripping the hair and skin out. Or maybe its that I can get distracted by TV and then I don't focus on ripping the hair out. I guess this probably suggests more of an addiction to TV than anything. I also can't remember the last time I fell asleep without having something playing on my laptop first. It sounds pretty sad, but one of my friends mentioned that people who have minds that work super fast or are always deep in thought often fall asleep while watching meaningless TV because that's the only way they can switch off. As someone who over thinks all of the things all of the time, I'm going to go with this reason.

Then I managed to smash out the article I was trying to write yesterday! The article isn't amazing but I proud of myself for forcing some words out of my fingers. I haven't sent it to my editor yet, I like to mull it over while I do other things in case I think of anything amazing to add or change. But hopefully it will be put on FLINT and then you can read it too.

Mum and I went to pilates which always feels great afterwards but at the time like some kind of voluntary pain inflicted by women on women. We had left over roast dinner and I helped Mum and Dad pack the car and watched them leave for Lancelin. I'm writing this in the couch, watching Two Men In China, waiting for the Cannes special of At The Movies with a gin and tonic next to me. I'm feeling good.

I'm going to leave you with this brilliant cartoon that Jessie just sent me. It seems very fitting, she's pretty nifty like that. One afternoon when I was working at Fringe, there were some pick up artists milling around the box office. We yelled out, warning the girl one of them was trying to pick up. He didn't like that. Had a go at us for cock blocking him and then said we must all be very single. It was weird how close up it became apparent that he was basically your average unattractive, poorly dressed loser and no wonder he needed to insult girls to get their attention. Also what a surprise he insulted us in attempt to win the argument. The psychology behind it is pretty fascinating actually.

Monday, May 26, 2014

She Returns

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about getting rid of unnecessary negativity in your life and the wonderful life affirming qualities of blogging. After getting rid of some unnecessary negativity in my life, thanks to the motivation from this song I might add, I decided "YEAH! I should blog again. YEAH!" Because when you're feeling a little bit sorry for yourself there's nothing quite like knowing people are relying on you waffling about your life to distract them from doing productive things. So with uni exams just around the corner, I figured that if anything, I owe this to my friends. Besides, thanks to a sing along with S Club 7 I've got lots of spare time now.

I remember in high school I used to have so many creative ideas. I felt like I had so many I didn't have enough avenues to pour them all in to. Now I've got plenty of time, and resources to express my creativity but none of the ideas to turn into something. Apart from painting my nails or bleaching a strip of hair. Maybe if I encourage myself to pour something into one outlet it will become something. I don't know. I'm not making sense now.

I've also recently started writing for this online publication which is great but sometimes a struggle to get the right words into the Word document. Perhaps there was too much pressure having that as my only outlet. Or perhaps I'm just looking for an excuse to write, unedited, about myself.

So it is with new, shorter hair and purple nails I leave you with a vague promise to update this space cathartic scrawlings from my life as a twenty something who has even less idea what she's doing with herself than before and most importantly, with this amazing parody song that has given Lloyd and me hours of entertainment.