Monday, July 21, 2014

Boyfriend Jeans

I bought a pair of boyfriend jeans today.

I was supposed to be volunteering at Pica but I accidentally got there three hours early (after thinking I was going to be late and sprayed perfume in my eye in my haste to get ready in time - very painful, do not recommend). So I sat in the library and read my book, 'How Proust Can Change Your Life' by Alain de Botton. Growing bored of that (I'm not particularly interested in Proust, and the internet has ruined my attention span), I ventured out into the grey drizzle in search of a pint of cider or a bowl of Pho, yet found myself in Myer looking to replace the book I lost in Melbourne, 'Me Talk Pretty One Day' by David Sedaris. Their limited biography section didn't have it so I decided to see if the store's constant sales included a pair of casual jeans. The ones I was wearing were so tight Lloyd once asked if I was wearing jeggings, and the crotch rip was approaching indecent exposure levels.

Oh and also the volunteering gig was cancelled for the day altogether. I deserved gifts.

So I'm pretty excited to wear a pair of slouchy jeans that are easy to chuck on; they are very low commitment pants, will go with all tshirts and colours and are not leggings. I can wear my old tiger cub shirt, with the bleach stain on the back, and roll up the cuffs and my sleeves and wear jelly sandals and round black sunnies with messy hair and look rockin' but be totally comfortable too, knowing that you can't see the outline of my labia or exactly where my underwear line is. But the whole 'boyfriend' clothing range really bums me out. And its not because I'm single and I have to actually pay for boyfriend clothes rather than wear my significant other's attire. 

I'm calling a sexism on this one. They did a sexism on us, ladies. 

It irks me because this trend suggests that women can't wear loose fitting, unflattering clothing unless it actually belongs to a man. Her man. Boyfriend fit garments tell the world that you're cool, sexy and interesting enough to have a boyfriend. And perhaps you've recently had so much sex in a short amount of time you completely forgot, understandably in your post orgasmic haze, which pair of jeans were yours and threw on the closest thing to the sweaty bed, where you've made your home for the last several days. But now you must journey out in to the real world, a break in your passionate sexathon, in search of sustenance and congratulations for looking so damn fine in men's clothing. 

Its almost like they're saving face; "please excuse my dishevelled appearance - I'm not wearing my usual second skin, wet look, spray on trousers, I'm wearing something that wasn't designed for me, so its okay." This implies that women must always be wearing clothing that is flattering and attractive. And there is something inherently wrong with suggesting that women must always be at their best, that our appearance is our most valuable asset to the world around us.

But they're not even men's! They're still tailored to a curvy body. They're more shapely than my Cheap Monday jeans, which are actually designed for both men and women to wear (which totally baffles me, btw). I don't have a problem with wearing men's clothing, or in fact your boyfriends clothes (whether or not a sexathon was involved, wearing other people's clothes is rad, especially when they smell like someone you have warm fuzzy feelings towards, and men's clothes really are very comfortable - men's underwear, anyone? Yes? Yes.). I have a problem with the trend and suggesting that this particular cut has been assigned that name and those connotations. I almost wish I hadn't bought them (I held out for so long!) but they're really fucking comfortable and are actually a nice fit. And they were only $60.

If someone comes up with a range of men's clothing called Girlfriend Tees, or Girlfriend Slacks, for the man who wants a fancier, more fitting dress line, maybe I'll ease off, but until then this shit ain't fair.

Maybe I can call them slouch jeans instead. Or maybe just my jeans. I should be comfortable and confident with my appearance in skin tight jeans or baggy unflattering jeans because they're mine and I chose to wear them and they have nothing to do with who I'm rolling around in bed with. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reality Bites

How did I only just find out about this film? Its the best.

Plus once I got over Ethan Hawke in a role that isn't Jesse from Before Sunrise, Jesse from Before Sunset or Jesse from Before Midnight, it was fun noticing how much of the mid nineties fashion is totally trendy again now.