Friday, September 12, 2014


Yesterday was kind of a crazy day.

It started off pretty much the same as every other day. I had scrambled eggs on toast and thought about how my experience of breakfast would be different if I was blind. I dropped a bit of egg on my desk and didn't notice it fall off, if I was optically challenged I wouldn't have noticed until I put my hand in it. How weird.

This made me realise how badly I need a job. And something to do with my time. So I applied for a Senior Barista position at a fancy restaurant in Cottesloe, thinking it would be like The Breakfast Club but western suburbs style. We shall see.

Then I raced off to meet my cousins Cath and Dave to head to Freo for a meeting in the MANY building with Spacemarket. We talked about how Fremantle is changing as WA's second city, how the community of the MANY building works (many hands make light work) and how Western Salvation fits in to that. We agreed that WS would get one month workshop space from the first of October and three months retail space from the first of November. It's all happening.

I started thinking maybe I shouldn't try and get a job. Given that we're only going to get out of Western Salvation what we put in, it would be better if at least one of us could work on it full time. There's just so much to do.

We parted ways excited and amped but ready for the next few months. Its so satisfying to have some dates to work towards. I felt like I had all this pent up energy and plans to develop the idea but without a deadline they always fizzled out. Now I'm developing our facebook page and looking at other networking, marketing options. Plus I'm going to the Karrinyup SwapMart next Sunday to trial my Book Bundle idea and see how it goes. I also have a garbage bag full of clothes to get rid of. Come and say hi!

Then I drove home in peak hour traffic, talking to myself the whole way about what I can do for WS. I took the dogs for a walk while listening to Lolita the audio book. I tried to read it a few years ago and just thought "gross its some old guy who wants to fuck small girls" but listening to Jeremy Irons read it is like listening to poetry. It's magical.

As I was captivated listening to Nabokov's melodic descriptions I failed to stop Bobbi from running into the lake and had to hose her down when we got home. I had a quick shower and then dressed and drove to Ella's. She had agreed to accompany me to view a bike I had found on gumtree a few days earlier. Something about going on my own completely terrified me. I had looked at a bike a couple of months ago, and in the description the owner had written "in no rush to sell, want to make sure it goes to a cool home." They idea of having to prove how cool I am, to give someone money in exchange for an object is pretty hard to grasp when you've been sitting around all day every day thinking about all the stupid things you've ever said or done.

Thankfully "Rod" was a very friendly middle aged guy. He was playing basketball with his son and wife when we turned up. He happily adjusted the seat for me and made sure I understood the difference between fixed wheel and single speed (cute!). I rode it down the road and nervously made a "Thanks! See you later!" joke over my shoulder as I left Ella awkwardly chatting with him in the drive way. It felt pretty incredible. Really, I wanted to replace Frankie, my rusty frankenbike from London so I had reasonably low (but particular) expectations. It was smooth and comfortable and both brakes worked! He apologised for the scratches (which I still haven't found) as he told me a few other people were coming tomorrow but it was mine if I wanted it. Well, that's it then. It's mine. I mean, it's possibly a little too big but not such a size that I can't ride it (I think I have freakishly long legs) and I probably should have haggled the price down but that also terrifies me and I think actually he could have sold it for a lot more. A new mojo bike is about $600, he was asking $300 and I gave him $295 as I started piling coins out of my wallet and he said not to bother. He also said if I need any help or if I change my mind I can bring it back to him in a week or so. I'm pretty stoked.

I went back to Ella's, with my new bike sitting quietly in the back ready to loved and adored, and we ate dinner while we watched a documentary about Freud's influence on marketing and crowd behaviour. I kept tuning out and thinking about my day. Western Salvation! Shiny bike! Fremantle! Bullhorn handle bars! Marketing! Gold rims! After we had both painted our nails, we turned the documentary off and brainstormed as many words for vagina as we could (apparently Lloyd needed them for something), looked at houses in the Hollywood Hills and Hamptons on google earth and then looked at a list of "Infinity pools that will blow your mind." It was a pretty great Thursday night.

So, I'm writing this on a day that marks exactly one year since I came home. This is the first time I've lived in one city for a year since  2010. Staying in Perth and buying a bike were the two main goals I had since leaving London. Other non achievements included growing out my hair (done), paying back my parents (not done) and moving out (still in same bedroom). But I'm getting there!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The other day

The other day I was so bored I coloured my lips in with black and white eye liner to see what it would look like.

It looked weird.