Thursday, February 26, 2015

A collection of art things that have made me experience emotions lately

This song and video

Whenever it comes on at pilates, my muscles relax and my mind wanders from from breathing and pelvic floor clenching to think about how I'm definitely going to watch it again when I get home. It just tears me up in the right kind of way and I'm not sure why or how. I'm sucker for contemporary dance and metaphorical set design. It disgusts and disappoints me that people thought this video should be banned because it has pedophillic themes. Eugh.

Amanda Palmer's Audiobook

This woman, this fucking goddess made me tear up twice today while I was listening to her beautiful, soothing voice talk about her life, loves, art and fans. More people should be like her.

This Fringe Play

Fake It til You Make It by Bryony Kimmings and Tim Grayburn is about men who suffer from depression and the women who fall in love with them. Specifically it was about Tim's chronic depression and how it affected/contributed to his relationship with Bryony (a real life couple). It was a beautiful story that had the audience laughing and crying and sighing at all the appropriate places. But what got me was how obvious it was that these two loved and supported each other so, so much. She 100% supported him and his illness and he 100% supported her and art and that's why I cried at the end when he struggled to sing a song for her (because he had only just learnt how to play the guitar) about hiding under the duvet. Incidentally, the play won Best Theatre at the Fringe awards. 

Bryony Kimmings was in one of my other favourite Fringe shows, Sex Idiot, wherein she persuaded the audience to cut their pubes off and she stuck them to her face. I had a totally fangirl moment, and gushed all over them when they came to the box office one night. One of my other favourite Fringe shows, Amateur Hour, a skit comedy parodying terrible performances won runner up in this division and made me reconsider the sexual attractiveness of South Africans. I also fangirled his performance partner, Gem, and then sat casually with her like we were old friends before the beginning of their other show, The Epicene Butcher.

Also check out this guy. No profound emotional art experience with Briefs: The Second Coming, but if straight guys took a different girl to that show every night, they'd get laid every night.

Fringe is the best.


I don't think the trailer does the film justice. I was tense (probably like I should be during pilates) and engrossed for the whole film, terrified of the teacher (J.K. Simmons rightfully just won the Oscar for this role) and always rooting for the student. My mum and her sister didn't like the film because the teacher was such an awful character and a big meany pants who bullied his students and mad them sadpies. I think if a film can make you feel that, feel the emotional stress that the other characters are feeling then its a pretty damn fine piece of art. 

Now that I've shared some art with you I'm off to continue reading this blog, which analyses and bitches about Fifty Shade of Grey. I watched the movie last night, it was fucking awful.

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