Tuesday, May 19, 2015

today's song

I have listened to this song many times since I got home this afternoon. It has an annoying Australian accent in it but I still fucking love it. So damn catchy.

I'm just about to watch the last episode of the second season of The Legacy (Arvingerne). I don't know what it is about the Danes but they're damn good at writing TV drama. I hope they write another season. I also hope that one day I will have a tall, sexy Danish boyfriend and I can learn more Danish beyond the pleasantries and the words that a similar in German. Maybe he can tell me why Robert's lines are subtitled in Danish. Does he have a strong German accent? Is he speaking some weird cross between the two?

This time last year I watched Pilou Asbaek host Eurovison. I fell in love with his drunken adorableness and started watching Borgen and everything else he's ever been in ever and so began my love of Danish television and film.

This weekend Eurovision is on again (what a perfect birthday present) and Austria will be hosting. I wonder what I'll be obsessed with for 2015/2016. 

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