Sunday, December 6, 2015

sunday afternoon snapshot

I have just spent the last hour or so lying in bed, listening to classical music and reading Womankind, a treat I bought for myself for after exams. My hair and sheets are clean, my nails freshly cut and my mind and body warm and cosy. My silver bangles clang as I turn the page of the magazine, so I push them back up my wrist so they stay still. When they fall down again, there is an indent in my arm. Its overcast and drizzly outside and I occasionally fight the urge to nap, or scroll through Instagram. Sometimes I skip the song on Spotify because it feels too dramatic for the setting.

Before I clambered in to bed and buried myself in flannel shirts and linen doona covers, I went through my wardrobe and drawers and threw out a bunch of old shitty clothes I haven't worn in a long time. I cut the sleeves off my disintegrating Yeah Yeah Yeahs tshirt from Southbound 2010, making it the world's softest muscle shirt. I potted the last three sprigs of Rosemary that I've been propagating in the sun room.

Since the end of semester I have had to work more and without the distraction of study, work seems more and more banal and I feel that familiar itch to leave hospitality and find something else. With everyone coming in for work Xmas breakfasts and staff taking holidays or leaving, its also become more hectic and I am exhausted when I get home.

This has been an indulgent and stimulating relaxation and welcomed respite from watching average tv shows and incessantly checking Facebook every twenty minutes all afternoon.

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