Monday, March 7, 2016

my bucket list

1. Attend a super fancy ballet (preferably Swan Lake, preferably in New York or Western Europe - I'm thinking Paris or Vienna or Bern) where the dress code is tuxedos and ball gowns. I've been watching a lot go Gossip Girl, lately.

2. Learn acrobatic pole dancing so I can do that thing where you hold on to the pole and your body is horizontal and you walk your legs up so it looks like you're walking up a wall and totally defying gravity. I do pilates once a week, all the push ups and core body work on the easiest levels, so I'm basically half way there with this one. I want more of a Fringe World, circusy vibe rather than put-a-dollar-in-my-underwear stripper pole dancing but all power to women who do this!  It makes me sad that in a circus a woman doing acrobatics on a pole is sexy and flexible but a man doing a similar routine (maybe in just as little clothing) is strong, graceful and talented.

3. Attend an authentic gospel choir in the deep south with white gowns and clapping and the kind of divine harmonising that will make me reconsider my atheism. Praise Jesus! Last night Mum and I watched the House Gospel Choir at PIAF. While their house/gospel remixes of Florence and the Machine and Sam Smith were amazing, it wasn't the answer to all my gospel choir needs. Side entry on my bucket list, a friend told me that I would be a good singer, so I kind of want to learn now. I loved singing in Chapel at school because I could sing but still hide that I wasn't very good at it. Maybe its time I stop hiding behind the Sugars'/Newman curse of not being able to sing in tune and just having some fucking lessons.

Please note, I deliberately chose the whitest stock photo possible. This is not what I'm looking for in a gospel choir.

4. This isn't so much as a bucket list item, as it is something that I want for myself in the future. And kind of want it for everyone, because it's such a lovely, warming image in my mind. When I imagine the family I'll have when I'm a real adult, I picture some sort of husband, love of my life type character, a toddler aged child and perhaps a new born baby, one - two dogs, and myself all having a nap on a large soft bed. Incidentally, looking up videos of dogs/puppies and babies is one of my fave past times.

I'm going to stop living in the future now and pay attention to the psych lecture I'm currently sitting in.

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